Wheel and Trailer Parts

Wheel Equipment is your home for external parts for your trailers and RVs. From axles to wheels to electrical parts like brake lights to jacks, wheel chocks, and lug wrenches. We either carry it, can order it, or can direct you to the right place.

Whether you’re hauling a boat, a horse, or the tools for your landscaping equipment, trust Wheel Equipment to keep your trailer in its best shape.

Hubs and Axles

Hubs/Drums: 2000 lbs up to 7000 lbs, with a smaller amount up to 12k’s

Axles: 2000 lbs up to 7000 lbs, available in both drop and straight types. Drop axles have spindles above the tube, while straight axles have spindles in line with the tube.

We can order Torsion axles, as they are a special order item.

Miscellaneous Parts


Brake backing plates

Wheel studs



Under bed and tongue toolboxes

Running Gear Parts

Shackle plates



U bolts

Spring plates

Spring perches



Seals and Bearings

Trailer wheel seals

Bearings (both import and Timken bearings)

Electrical Parts

Trailer lights: both incandescent and LED

Brake control units

Brake control harness for the tow vehicle

Tires and Wheels

Tires for trailers: ranging from 480-8 up to ST235/80R16

Wheels for trailers: available in 4 lugs up to 8 lugs

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